Health & Safety - Constructionline

Health & Safety - Constructionline

Become a member of Constructionline today


With our guidance your organisation can become a member of Constructionline, Constructionline is the biggest register of contractors in the UK for the construction industry. Constructionline has adatabase of over 8,000 buyers that are a part of over 2,000 organisations, by becoming a registered member of Constructionline it will increase the brand reputation of your company and is an organised way of instilling verified competence to the buyer.


Help win more work


By being a member of Contructionline your company will have a better chance of winning more work due to the fact that buyers are able to lookup your company and also because your company will look more reputable. Customers prefer to work with certified Constructionline organisations, this could be beneficial to the amount of work you receive and could improve future prospects of your business.


Constructionline branding on vehicles and stationary, shows government standards


If accepted into the Constructionline membership programme your organisation will have the right to use Constructionline’s branding on vehicles and stationary.


Help buyers find you, specialist to categorise company


Constructionline helps with the process of finding buyers, on the Constructionline website you will be listed under specific specialist categories tailored to you.


Online profile, view buyer activity


You can view buyer activity by viewing their profile, this benefit is exclusive to Constructionline members.


Provide access to Constructionline notice board


By having access to the Constructionline notice board your company will be able to take full advantage of the benefits that Constructionline has to offer. The notice board allows you to find jobs and a wide range of other things.


Suppliers no longer need to duplicate the information for each job, it creates a simple process.


The whole process is now simplified; by being a member the supplier will no longer have the tedious work of needing to duplicate the information for each job. This saves time and money.


Reduce cost and time efficiency


Constructionline accesses financial stability, access to insurance and health and safety certificates, gives security for the supply chain to comply with legislation. Reduces risk as main contractor,supplier data is verified and updated in real time. Reduces risk in supply chain, which reduces the cost.


ISO 13485 is the internationally recognised standard for quality management within the medical device sector. It is based on the ISO 9001 process model and its main objective is to enable a harmonised approach in the medical device industry.


A CE mark is needed for many medical products in the European Economic Area (EEA), the letters ‘CE’ on a product show that the product complies with European legislation. CE marking was created at the beginning of 1992 to help free the restrictions of the European Marketplace.


A UKCA mark will be needed for medical products sold in the United Kingdom, the letters ‘UKCA’ on a product show that the product complies with UK Medical Device Regulations. UKCA marking will be introduced throughout the transition period. Compliance dates will vary depending on the product risk class

ISO 45001 is the internationally recognised standard for the management of health and safety within your business. By implementing a health and safety management system, your business demonstrates a clear desire to improve the health and safety in your company by setting measureable objectives.



CHAS stands for Contractors Health and Assessment Scheme, it is an accredited health and safety scheme for the construction industry. Some buyers require CHAS certification before they allow you to tender. This has been seen in public sectors such as schools, colleges etc.


With our guidance your organisation can become a certified member of Safecontractor, once you have been certified as a member you will be added to the online database that the clients of  Safecontractor have access to. You can reduce the risk of accidents on your clients premise’s and ensure your health and safety competence in a cost effective way.


ISO 9001 is the internationally recognised standard for quality management within your business. It provides a systematic and common sense approach to ensure that the activities within your business are controlled, aiming to consistently achieve customer satisfaction by meeting their requirements and expectations.


A supplier audit is the process used to demonstrate your level of control over subcontracted processes. These may be carried out during supplier approval or ongoing surviellance of subcontracted processes. It helps to identify risks and opportunities within the subcontracted activities.


ISO 14001 is the internationally recognised standard for environmental management within your business. It focuses on the environmental aspects of your business and how you interact, influence    and control them. You will set objectives and targets for environmental performance and by implementing a programme improve your performance.


ISO 22000 is the internationally recognized for food safety management within your organisation. It helps to minimize food safety hazards within the food chain.


At SGR we can help you with your HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point), it is a system that introduces better food safety to your organisation’s activities when handling food productsand how food is produced to make sure the food is safe to eat.